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Senior Unity Developer and Game Designer with over 5 years of expertise in Unity and related technologies, known for team management and delivering exceptional 3D, 2D, and virtual games, and C#. Proficient in writing clean code, strong in 3D math and linear algebra, seeking opportunities to develop high-quality games.

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Career History

Senior Unity Developer and Game designer

NW, Game Development. US.

• Managed a Unity-based 3D virtual game with an 8-member team from design to deployment.
• Accelerated game performance, increasing frame rate by 40%, and reducing game loading time by 30%.
• Optimized the rendering pipeline, elevating frame rate by 10% and rebalancing game difficulty for a 14% user experience improvement.
• Achieved a 5x average FPS improvement, decreased average load times by 70%, and enhanced the overall player experience.
• Consulted with external team members to ensure game quality.
• Led design processes throughout all stages, including research, conceptualization, testing, and implementation.

Game Developer, Game designer.

Upwork - Freelancer

• Developed a 3D video game using the Unity engine with over 500 animations 
for each character, reaching 5k+ concurrent users during launch and Android platforms.
• Evaluated modern C# design patterns for enhanced quality culminated in 30% fewer user bug reports.
• Generated design documentation for the games to accelerate the process of developing
by 50%.
• Revamped UI/UX using version control and collaboration tools (e.g., Git) to develop and manage project development.
• Attained feature parity across iOS and Android by exploiting features of both platforms.

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